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Ponce Davis

When you and your childhood friend imagine your dream houses of the future, it’s hard to resist actually being able to design it for them. So was the case with this new ground-up build in the semi-secret celebrity residential enclave of Ponce Davis in Miami. Architect David Wearne Johnson, who specializes in the Old Florida style, laid an idyllic frame in which to create a warm, vibrant, livable and thoughtful interior scheme to fit the needs of their six-person, very social, family. We set certain zones for living – so that everyone has his/her own space but also plenty of space to gather together comfortably. The handmade elements throughout the house serve to add texture without overwhelming the palette.

As with most of our projects, we look for opportunities to incorporate bespoke design elements. Here we created custom rugs in the main bedroom and family room – designed by us and hand made in Morocco. We custom designed several pieces including the entry console and mirror, the white oak vanity in the main bathroom and the pink vanities in the girls’ bathrooms, master bedroom rug, the kitchen cabinetry, as well as the built-in sofa in the family room.

We used oak as the neutral material throughout much of the house including the ceiling beams that help tie the whole space together. Greens, blues and shades of orange are spotlighted throughout for an added sense of vibrancy. The kitchen is designed as the heart of the house, connected to a secondary dining and living area where the family spends most of their time together.

Scope: Interior Design, Furnishings, Decoration and Art

Location: Ponce Davis, Miami, FL

Architect: David Wearne Johnson

Photography: Nicole Franzen