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San Juan

Discovered through Instagram, we were tasked by our clients to design a home to be the antithesis of a traditional northeast home (where they were moving from). The couple chose to refresh the home, originally built in 1955, as a way to breathe new life—and sneak an extra bedroom—into their space.

When it came to the initial mood board, capturing a sense of cheerfulness and familiarity through the use of color was top of mind. With one heading a public art organization, integration of artful interiors and color was paramount. We designed the home with outspoken wallpaper selections and color combos that celebrate life. We created a big statement in the entry, accomplished through the use of a custom colorway of Marthe Armitage’s ‘Jugs” wallpaper. For the main area, more neutral tones and special additions, such as a Tuareg mat and an Isamu Noguchi Akari Light sculpture, which dangles effortlessly above the dining table, bring stillness to the space. The specific light piece also wonderfully illuminates the vintage and custom-made rugs, which were sourced from a studio trip to Morocco.

Scope: Interior Design, Furnishings, Decoration

Location: Coral Gables, FL

Photography: Nicole Franzen