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The Roads

This home is as close to the heart as it gets. Built in 1948, it was originally purchased by Jen’s great grandmother in the late 1960s and was inherited by her mother and father who raised her in the house during her early years. The house had been renovated in a series of interventions over the years leading up to her moving back to Miami from Brooklyn along with her family.

Prior to moving back, we personalized it with studio favorites, like Marthe Armitage hand-blocked wallpaper, and blue wallpaper from Finland. We made gentle interventions in the floor plan to increase the function of each space, while leaving the deco plaster detailing in place. We also wanted to highlight our love for collectible design, so almost every piece in the home is vintage or custom and has a special story, including custom rugs hand-woven in Morocco, light fixtures by Lindsey Adelman and a vintage Scarpa light.

Scope: Interior Design, Furnishings, Decoration and Art

Location: Miami, FL

Photography: Nicole Franzen